Saturday, October 2, 2010

October to-do list

Well, I thought since it is a new month, I could use this space to set myself some mini-goals.

1. Last month, I tracked every dime that came in and went out, and I felt awesome and in control!  So this month, I vow to do the same.  I tweaked my budget to fit our needs a little better, so we'll see how it goes.

2. Work with the dog almost every single day.  She's pretty much got sit and stay down, although she chooses not to on occasion.  Now we're working on lay down and walking on a leash.  The leash walking is a big one!

3.  Keep up with my menu plan and stick to it...  I always start out great, but by the weekend, I'm craving Chinese, or some specific homemade meal that sends me out to the store with my debit card.  This month, I'm saving on groceries by practicing self control!

4.  Go to the gym at least once a week.   I really love yoga, and have attended at least 3-5 classes a week for years, but in the last 6 months or so, I just lost my mojo...not sure why.  So instead of declaring an all out five classes a week, I'm going to start back slow.  I can do once a week, and I know that that will lead to more.  Really, I just need to set my alarm and get up on time.  No biggie.  I can do this!!!

5. Clear out the garden for next year.  I've got dead plants sitting there, lettuce that bolted a long time ago and tomato and squash plants that are dead to the world, but still taking up space.  The only things left that are alive are a few herbs and some onions.  So I can take at least 45 minutes one day this month and pull everything up.  At least it's not 90 degrees everyday.  We finally had a cold snap a few days ago!

6. Go through winter/fall clothes.  If I do it now when I'm just starting to need them, I'll have a lot more options than if I put it off and try to get by.  I recall buying a few things on super clearance last spring, and have not idea what they are, so I'll have some surprises, which is fun.

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